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check1s.JPG (29535 bytes)


The Checkered Demon by S. Clay Wilson....violent, explicit, staggering.  The stories range beyond description; the image here only hints at Wilson's depth of vision.
stellas.JPG (41232 bytes)


Star-eyed Stella, still slinging drinks but through taking crap from alien mutants.  A sometime companion of the Checkered Demon, she's a survivor.
sclays.JPG (54584 bytes)


This is the cover of a portfolio comic by Wilson; each page is a single frame and vision - no stories.
captains.JPG (45131 bytes)


The cover of Zap comix number 3, the infamous Captain Pissgums, and my last S. Clay Wilson image.  Arrrr, Cap!
junks.JPG (46156 bytes)


Junkwaffel, by Vaughn Bode, is a gentler story, but not by much.  Bode's wry vision is more pointed satire than Wilson, but his characters retain much more humanity.
rams.JPG (37570 bytes)


Another Bode creation, the Ramdove weapons platform.  The text is difficult to read in the scan, but the extent of design is evident.
natchs.JPG (37138 bytes)


The most innocent of the images, that of Mr. Natural, one of the most enduring icons of the 60s comic scene.   Created by R. Crumb, the most famous of all underground artists, notorious recluse, and the subject of a remarkable biographical film entitled, "Crumb".   I apologize for the weird spots in the flesh tones; it's some scanning thing, and I don't know enough to remedy it except to buy a more expensive scanner. [makes dismissive noise]
cheechs.JPG (33715 bytes)  

Cheech Wizard, the character with whom I most identify.   Except for his drug abuse, promiscuity and violent streak.



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This page is dedicated to my friend Paul Tucker, comic artist, motorcycle enthusiast and comic collector.

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