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Welcome, friends...

Here are some direct links to search sites. I tried to keep it simple; I hope you find them handy.

List of Legal Resources

US Code search
From Cornell. "Current" to January 2001 or 2002 (depending on the Title), but includes an effortless new update link.
US Code search, House of Representatives style.
Never hurts to run a search in two different sites.
CFR search
From the National Archives and Record Administration.
the Internet Legal Resource Guide
From the Lone Star State, a great big list of links. Maybe too big.
Federal Courts
A complete linked list of US Circuit, District and Bankruptcy courts. Finally.
U.S. Supreme Court search
FindLaw's excellent engine.
Vermont Statutes
Now from the folks at Lexis. It takes a minute for the java to load; be patient.
For browsable Vermont Statutes,click here.
Vermont case law
For older Vermont Supreme Court decisions (search only, no text) and bar exams (plus other decisions), telnet://
Vermont legislative history
Variations on a theme.
Other States' statutes
Brought to you by the Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School.
Law Reviews
Compiled by a coalition including FindLaw, the Australasian Legal Information Society, Stanford Law School, Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute and Jurist.
Law and Politics Internet Guide
For every legal need not covered above. Yes, every one.
U.S. Government Documents and more
Links to U.S. Government information.
Resources for paralegals
Annotated links to legal, business and general resources specifically aimed at paralegals and legal assistants.
The unofficial virtual tour of the law library where I work.
Legal Reference Resources for Public Librarians

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